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Honor 50 and Xiaomi Mi 11i compared in terms of camera quality

  1. Autonomy… Smartphones work in about the same way. However, despite the large battery capacity of Xiaomi, Honor still wins in terms of battery life. So, by the end of the day, the Honor 50 had about 30 percent of the charge, while the Mi 11i had less than 20 percent.
  1. Charger… Honor comes with 66W charging, while Xiaomi comes with only 33W. In terms of charging time, the first smartphone also wins: it fully charges in half an hour. The Mi 11i, on the other hand, takes over 50 minutes to reach 100 percent charge.
  1. Camera… In terms of photo quality on the front camera, the Honor 50 turns out to be better, although in general, selfies are good in both cases. Honor also has the main camera unit consisting of four lenses, while Xiaomi has three. But at the same time, Honor has two of them – a macro camera and a portrait camera (2 MP each), so they can even be ignored. The Xiaomi Mi 11i has two additional cameras, in addition to the main one – a wide-angle and a macro camera. As already mentioned, the main lens on both Honor and Xiaomi has the same resolution – 108 MP. In sufficient light, the difference between the photos with these cameras is not noticeable. But in the evening or at night without automatic mode, the Honor 50 shoots worse in comparison with the Xiaomi Mi 11i: you can see a lot of noise, the pictures are blurry. The same is true in terms of video filming.
  1. Sound… Mi 11i is definitely better due to the presence of stereo speakers.
  1. Connection… On the whole, the devices are identical in this parameter. They have support for Wi-Fi 2.4, 5, 6 GHz, NFC.
  1. Operating system… In both cases, there is Android 11. As for the shell, it is individual for both Honor and Xiaomi.

In conclusion, Andrey noted that Mi 11i looks more interesting in terms of characteristics: thanks to a powerful processor, better photos and videos. However, if the manufacturer Honor 50 can improve the camera, then this particular device will turn out to be prettier, more compact, will have better autonomy and charging speed.

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