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Honeymoon Trip: Celebrate grand honeymoon for free, just have to do this work online before marriage

Do these things at your wedding for a free honeymoon.Image Credit source: DALL.E AI/Mohd Jishan/TV9

Indian weddings have always been known to be a grand and grand event. If your marriage is near, then you must have made plans for honeymoon also. Everyone wants to go on honeymoon with their life partner after marriage. Whether you go anywhere in the country or abroad for honeymoon, it will obviously involve huge expenses. But if you want, you can make the honeymoon trip free. Let’s see what needs to be done to go on a free honeymoon.

Weddings are often attended by family and friends. If you want to go on honeymoon for free Online One thing has to be done. To attend your wedding, you will have to invite foreign guests.

Foreign guests give you money in exchange for attending your wedding. Many online websites provide this type of facility. By attending the wedding, foreign guests get a chance to see and experience Indian culture and traditions closely.

foreign guests at wedding

In the last few years, foreign guests are taking interest in attending Indian weddings. One reason for this is that the number of foreign tourists in India is continuously increasing. Attending Indian weddings by foreign tourists is a completely new experience for them, which they will not get on any ordinary trip.

How will foreign guests come?

In view of the increasing trend of foreign guests, online portals like Join My Wedding have started such a facility. These portals allow foreign guests to attend Indian weddings. Through these portals, foreigners can select marriage according to their interest and budget.

This is how honeymoon expenses will be covered

If you want to invite foreign guests to your wedding, then you will have to register on these portals. You will have to give information about the wedding program and dates etc. Arrangements will have to be made to take care of the foreign guests who will come. Join My Wedding charges around Rs 20,000 from a foreign guest. You can decide how many foreign guests you want to invite to your wedding.

From this the portals deduct their commission and give the remaining money to the couples. If you also do this then you can cover the honeymoon expenses with this money. This way you will not have to make a separate budget for the honeymoon.


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