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Honda Staff: Honda first sent bonus to its employees, now asking for it back

Honda Staff Bonus News : A very strange case related to the Japanese car maker Honda Motors is coming to the fore. According to sources, Honda Motors has paid more than the bonus to its employees and now the company is demanding full refund of the money. Honda employees in America are very happy to get huge bonuses.

Company sent memorandum
Let us tell you that Honda Motors has sent a memorandum to its employees in Marysville, Ohio. According to this memorandum, the company had paid more than the bonus amount and they have now been asked to return it.

oppose the order
Upset over falling earnings in the last quarter of the financial year, Honda Motors has told its employees that it has given them an ‘overpaid’ bonus, which will be withdrawn. In this era of current rising inflation, bonus is considered a big support for the employees. In such a situation, there is opposition and condemnation of the order to return a large part of the bonus which has come to the account of the employees. Honda Motors has faced a decline of about 5 per cent in profits during the last quarter as compared to the previous year.

amount will be deducted from salary
As reported by NBC4, Honda Motors Company has sent a memo to the employees of its factory located in the city of Marysville, Ohio State, USA. In this memo, the company said that it has deposited the overpaid bonus amount in their accounts by mistake. This means that more than the bonus was being made, it has been given to the employees. The company said that the overpaid bonus will have to be returned to the employees. If the employees do not respond to this memo, then this amount will be automatically deducted from their monthly salary.

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