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Holy affair

There are numerous holy places in India having innumerable temples, churches, gurudwaras, mosques and uncountable worship places of different sect & sub-sects. The prophets, messengers of god and the incarnations of different religions come down to earth to preach three basic things– love the mankind, serve the mankind & thrive for your own & other’s spiritual upliftment. But despite all efforts this heavenly world is becoming a probable hell due to various reasons.

The messengers of god and prophets came to this world in different eras & time to teach the mankind to eradicate the evils that prevailed in those particular times. But many a time we compare one with another in our own fancies & whims to only prove that our prophet is greater than the other’s prophet. In reality it is not, no prophet is superior or inferior to any prophet. It is like, when we were in class- I, there were teachers to teach us & gradually when we went to higher classes altogether different teachers came. So we cannot tell that class-I teachers were inferior to class-II teachers.

Teachers are always teachers. The teacher for class-I was perfectly fit for class-I, so was the teacher in class-II, III & so on. Hence these prophets came in order to teach & preach & eradicate the ill-doings of the specific period or age. When their work was over, they went back. Hence no prophet or messenger of god is either superior or inferior. Likewise no religion is inferior or superior too.

So instead of misguided by the so called present time trendy & self driven religious leaders, be guided by your inner self & believe that all heavenly prophets & messengers of god have equal status, so as the religion also. Be spiritual & uplift your soul to love the mankind, serve the mankind, & believe. You will have peace, prosperity, tranquility & the entire world will appear as your & your family only.

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