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Holi will be celebrated very well because of America, their bag filled with Rs 5 lakh crore in 2 hours

America has sent Holi gift to Indians. Within about 2 hours, Rs 5 lakh crore has rained into the pockets of Indian investors. After all, understand what the whole matter is…

When the stock markets opened on Thursday, the glow on people’s faces was worth seeing. The Holi gift that America has given to those who place bets in the stock market. Yes, the signal given by the Federal Reserve, the Central Bank of America, that it will maintain the expectations of interest rate cut in June, its effect was visible on the domestic stock market and the market swung into the green zone.

BSE Sensex saw a rally of more than 700 points, while NSE Nifty also jumped above 150 points. The market opened at 9:15 and in just 2 hours it filled investors’ pockets with lakhs of crores of rupees.

Market swings because of American

US Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell has indicated that interest rates could be cut three times in 2024, and recent inflation data will not have much impact on his decision-making. After this, a tremendous boom was seen in the domestic market. On Wednesday, the Sensex had closed at 72,101.69 points, but by 11:15 am it reached 72,846 points.

Similarly, Nifty also closed at 21,839.10 points on Wednesday. This morning it opened with a bullish trend and went up to 22,073 points at 11:15 pm. Stock market investors benefited from this.

A lot of money poured into the stock market

There has been a soft atmosphere in the stock market for the past several days, but on Thursday it witnessed a spectacular rise. Due to the decision of the US Federal Reserve, the Sensex rose by 750 points, while the Nifty also saw a rise of up to 1%. Due to this rise, the market capitalization of all the companies listed on Sensex increased by Rs 5.41 lakh crore to Rs 379.53 lakh crore. In this way, wealth worth more than Rs 5.41 lakh crore came into the hands of investors.

Not only the main Nifty or Sensex, due to the signals from the Federal Reserve, Nifty Bank, Media, Metal and Oil & Gas indices have also increased. This is a kind of rain of wealth just before the festival of Holi.

gold and silver also shine

The shine of gold and silver has also improved due to America’s signals. Gold prices on MCX were recorded at around Rs 979. Similarly, the price of silver also rose to Rs 1130 on Thursday. At the international level, a tremendous rise was seen in the prices of gold and silver on COMEX also. Gold crossed $ 2200 per ons on COMEX, silver also registered a strength of 3%.


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