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Holi 2024 | Amazing pictures of Holi can be clicked from the phone itself, know these 5 camera tricks immediately, friends will be impressed!

Holi 2024: People like to take colorful photos while playing Holi. The good thing is that nowadays such photos can be easily taken with smartphones. Learn simple tips here.

New Delhi. This time Holi will be celebrated on Monday 25th March. Holi means festival of colors. In such a situation, many people feel like taking colorful photos during this festival. The good thing is that nowadays the cameras of smartphones have become so excellent that you can take very good pictures from the mobile itself. In such a situation, here we are going to tell you some tips, with the help of which you will be able to take professional looking pictures from your mobile itself. Just keep in mind that there is a fear of the phone getting damaged during Holi. In such a situation, keep the device safe in a zip-lock bag. Touch support is available in it.

Use Portrait Mode:

While clicking Holi photos, using Portrait Mode gives a special blur effect in the background of the photos. Especially you can use this mode while clicking pictures of people. This mode can be used for both face and colors.

Burst mode will be useful.

This burst mode available in the phone will prove to be very helpful in taking Holi pictures. In a way, this is a mode with high shutter speed. In this the action freezes. In such a situation, you will be able to take many wonderful pictures while playing Rang Gulal in action.

Also use ultra-wide angle mode.

Usually a lot of people attend Holi parties. In such a situation, using ultra-wide angle mode while taking group photos will prove to be very helpful. For this you can click from top angle or slightly tilted angle.

You can make slow motion video.

Many phones have the option to make slow motion video. You can use this mode to capture the candid action of a friend while applying or spraying colors.

Take help of Pro mode

if you have some understanding of ISO, white balance and shutter speed etc. So by using this mode you can take better shots under your control. Besides, you will also get the option to control the lens. Later you can edit the photos.


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