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Higher education in North-East

Slowly & steadily higher education has been spreading satisfactorily in North-East in last decade. Mizoram & Meghalaya are always ahead in the race in general higher education. Assam with its given size is also trying its best to bring national & state level institutions. Tripura is following the foot print of big brothers. Manipur, to its credit has some national institutions for higher learnings. But Nagaland & Arunachal lack the facilities. But as it seems both the state & central govts are taking  suitable initiatives through in-house & outside help to increase higher learning institutions in recent times.

In last few years World Bank has assisted five North-East states, viz- Arunachal, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Tripura & Nagaland to come up with technical institutions of higher learnings in Diploma level. Tripura has upgraded one Diploma institution to Degree level. Arunachal based North Eastern Regional Institute of Science & Technology (NERIST) has been upgraded to deemed University & Rajiv Gandhi University of Arunachal has become a central university.

Apart from that Assam has national level institutions like IIT, NIT, Central Institute of Plastic Engineering & Technology (CIPET) & Indian Institute of Handloom Technology (IIHT) along with Central Universities. Many more institutions in private sectors like Don Bosco University are also coming up in Assam. Meghalaya being a heritage state of North- East has IIM, NIFT & Central University too. Manipur has Central institutions like RIMS. Tripura is also doing fine with considerable progress.

But as mentioned Nagaland & Arunachal are in the back seat including Manipur also. Mizoram even though doing better by sending the students outside, it needs infrastructure to have in-house institutions in higher learnings. Now both the central & state govts must think in tandem to improve higher education, especially in technical & medical streams to meet the demand of developing North-East states. Apart from the central institutions, the North-East states in combination can think & plan for a north-eastern technical university & a medical university too; under whose umbrella technical & medical colleges of higher learnings can easily be brought –up. Other options like public-private-partnership institutions and autonomous institutions of higher learnings in technical, medical & general education can be viable option for north-eastern states.

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