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High-tech pre-trial detention centers and colonies will be created in Russia

Deputy Minister of Justice of the Russian Federation Vsevolod Vukolov gave an interview to Interfax, in which he spoke about plans to make pre-trial detention centers and colonies “high-tech”.

Vukolov said that one of the priority areas is the creation of a modern, cost-effective and high-tech institution, which will create appropriate conditions for serving sentences and detention. The Ministry of Justice plans to improve the conditions for conducting visits with relatives and to automate the admission processes to institutions, including using biometrics.

In addition, there are plans to concentrate all correctional institutions and a pre-trial detention center in a single center – an institution of the combined type. They want to implement the first such project in the Kaluga Region.

Vakulov noted other problems of correctional institutions: “Cameras, biometrics, digital "prints" – all this is very good and modern. But at the same time I want to say that there is another pressing problem – after all, most of the objects of the penal system are dilapidated and require major repairs. ” Therefore, the approach to modernization must be comprehensive.

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