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High quality battery is very important for the good performance of electric vehicles, Trontek’s best efforts

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The present time and the coming time are of electric vehicles, through which not only people will save money, but also electric cars and electric bikes as well as electric commercial vehicles will also be very beneficial for the environment. Now when it comes to electric vehicles, it is equally important to discuss about the battery, because the better the battery, the more the range of the vehicle will be and the users will also be satisfied with it. A battery holds the same importance for an electric vehicle (EV) as it does for a rudder boat. Just as a good rudder speeds up a boat, a battery propels an EV.

The Indian government is promoting electric vehicles and wants all public transport services in the country to be electric by 2030 and at least 30 percent of private vehicles should be electric vehicles. For this, the government has made many efforts, which have not only attracted consumers towards electric vehicles, but have also encouraged automobile manufacturers to produce it. Due to these inspirational and beneficial schemes of the government, there has been a tremendous jump in the sales of electric vehicles in the last quarter of last year.

According to data from the Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles (SMEV), the apex body of electric vehicle manufacturers, two-wheeler EV sales have more than doubled to 2,33,971 in 2021, driven by higher demand for high-speed scooters. In the year 2020, only 1,00,736 two-wheeler electric vehicles were sold. Similarly, there has been a jump in the sales of three-wheeled electric vehicles.

Electric vehicles differ from conventional internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. While ICE vehicles obtain energy by burning petrol, diesel or gas through an internal combustion process, the source of energy for electric vehicles is battery cells. Electric vehicles have one or two motors, these motors are supplied by the appropriate battery power in the vehicle. The battery is the heaviest and costliest part of these vehicles, which has to be charged with electricity from time to time. In addition, many electric vehicles have a regenerative braking system, which provides some charge to the battery each time the brakes are used. Batteries are essential to any electric vehicle and it is also important that care should be taken in their manufacture and maintenance. To keep an EV battery safe, it is important to follow the safety standards of the battery.

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battery quality standards
Reliable and good quality batteries can improve the performance of any vehicle. Battery quality is determined by several parameters, such as voltage.

Voltage: The most important parameter to determine the quality of a battery is its ability to provide energy. How much energy a battery can provide under normal conditions plays a major role in determining its quality. The ability to provide stable energy without interruption for a long time proves the quality of any battery.

Energy Density:
Electric vehicles use lithium-ion batteries, which are capable of delivering a lot of energy due to their high energy density. The amount of energy per liter/kg is the determinant standard for the capacity of any battery.

Charge Rate:
How fast a battery can charge is a huge measure of battery quality. At the same time, it is also important that both the battery and the electric vehicle are safe in this charging process. It is often observed that even low-end batteries charge faster, but they are prone to catching fire or overheating. Overheating during the charging process affects EV battery safety and raises questions about its quality.

Operating Temperature Range: The temperature range in which a battery can be most useful also plays a decisive role in determining its quality. In general, a battery performs best in temperatures of 25-35 °C. If a battery is unable to deliver its maximum in this temperature range, it is natural to question its quality.

Service Age:
Lithium Ion batteries are known for their cycle-life. The maximum number of charges/discharges or the period during which the battery is able to input and output appropriate energy determines its cycle-life or service life. Service life is a deciding standard of battery capacity.

EV Battery Safety: The safety of a battery is very important because of its ability to charge and provide energy by electricity. It is very important that the battery temperature is maintained at an appropriate temperature while charging or in use in a vehicle that does not catch fire. A fire or smoke coming out raises questions about the capacity of the battery. EV battery safety is essential to the safety of electric vehicles and hence it is very important for the battery to meet this standard. A battery that meets all these parameters is best suited for electric vehicles.


Trontek Lithium Ion Battery Manufacturer 1

Samarth Kochhar, Founder and CEO, Trontec

How Trontec, one of India’s largest battery manufacturers, ensures battery quality
Since batteries are one of the basic components of any electric vehicle, it is imperative that certain precautions are taken during their production. A good battery manufacturer like Trontek makes sure that the various dimensions of the battery are maintained and the quality of the battery is enhanced. Cell testing is the primary way to increase battery capacity and quality. The cells which are to be used in the battery are tested in many ways and only after the complete evaluation of the cell, it can be used in the battery.
is brought.

Battery cell quality is determined by the grading process, self-discharge rate test, cycle life test, nail penetration test and thermal cycling test. Trontek uses select materials to extend the life of the battery and ensure its optimum performance. The battery is protected from overheating by using thermal pads and phase change material. The materials are used only after studying their full viability by doing flame test and bus bar test, so that it will work in a certain way during use in the battery and EV battery safety is ensured.

Trontek uses state-of-the-art machinery to manufacture batteries to latest standards, thereby minimizing defects. The charge/discharge rate of a battery is responsible for its better performance, so various tests are carried out keeping these parameters in mind. The charge/discharge rate test, the overcharging/overdischarging rate test, and the DCIR test determine whether the battery pack will be able to provide stable and stable power. Only after meeting the battery safety standards and all other standards under the inspection of its skilled craftsmen sends it for various types of certification.

Safety standards and guidelines, which will give better performance
Both battery producers and electric vehicle consumers have to adhere to certain essential safety standards to ensure that the manufacturing capacity of the battery conforms to the prescribed standards. Battery manufacturers must comply with various national and international standards, such as IS 16046, IS 16047, AIS 048, AIS 156 and UN 38.3. Trontec takes care of all these safety standards.


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