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Hidden in the phone’s charger is a spy camera, can spy on anyone secretly; The price is also low

New Delhi: Often in hotels, there is a fear of having a hidden camera hidden in the changing room. Spy camera through different media (Hidden Camera) Is spied on. You may have seen many different types of spy cameras in movies and TV shows. Spy cameras are mounted on pens, purses and shirts. This makes it difficult to identify such cameras. However, spy cameras are now being installed in other everyday items as well. We are currently using smartphones and other related items on a regular basis. However, what if the related product has a hidden camera? There are many such mobile chargers available in the market Spy camera Is planted. What’s special is that you don’t even notice if there is a camera in this charger.

E-commerce platform Amazon Above are the types of chargers available, which you can insert into any charging socket and use as a spy camera. You can also charge the phone with this charger which costs only 1 to 1.5 thousand rupees. On the e-commerce site Amazon AUSHA A phone charger with spy camera is available. It includes a portable home Security camera Which comes with night vision and motion sensors. According to the product description, the camera in the charger starts as soon as you plug in the device.

This charger needs to be inserted for charging by inserting a 32 GB memory card. After that it will start working. That means you don’t need any app or remote configuration. With the help of this charger you can also charge the phone and other devices. No one doubts when using it. According to the company, recording can be done in 1080p with the help of the device. The camera also features motion detection and loop recording. There are many such great products available in the market, which you can use as a security camera.

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