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Hero Surge S32: Where to get an electric scooter that converts into a three-wheeler? this is the top speed

Hero Surge S32Image Credit source: Surge Automobiles

Have you ever seen a vehicle that can become both a two-wheeler and a three-wheeler? Hero has recently introduced a unique electric vehicle Hero Surge S32. It easily converts from three-wheeler to two-wheeler and from two-wheeler to three-wheeler. Its design is futuristic, but this electric vehicle can soon be launched in the market for sale to the people. If you are also planning to buy it, then this news is useful for you.

At present, its launch data has not been disclosed. According to the report of auto website Autocar India, Hero MotoCorp, the parent company of Hero Surge S32 manufacturer, said that its production is about to start. These electric vehicle There is currently no official information about when it will be launched and when it will hit the market.

Hero Surge S32: Awaiting approval from the government

Hero Surge S32 is a very special vehicle in itself. Such a vehicle does not exist in India, and there is no such vehicle category in the country. The government will have to create a new category for this EV, which can be named L2/L5. It will be made by combining the existing L2 and L5 categories. This vehicle is awaiting approval from the Road Transport and Highways Ministry, Government of India.

Hero Surge S32: Features

Talking about its features, the top speed of the two-wheeler is 60 km/hour. It will have 6kW battery power. On the other hand, the three-wheeler has a power of 10kW, and it can run at a top speed of 50 km/h. The three-wheeler model can lift a load of up to 500 kg. Overall, your daily work as well as your commercial work will be solved.

Hero Surge S32: How much will it cost?

The company can start booking around the launch of Hero Surge S32. Talking about its price, the current electric three-wheeler The price of Hero Surge S32 may be higher than Rs. Now it remains to be seen in which price range Hero launches it.


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