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Hero Splendor will run 151 km on a single charge, GoGo A1 will be electric with electric conversion kit

The electric two-wheeler market in the country is growing very fast. Electric two-wheelers from several companies, including motorcycles and scooters, have already been launched in India. There are many such models which are yet to be launched. A news related to this segment is coming from Hero Splendor. The electric conversion kit of the GoGo A1 has been approved for Hero Splendor. That is, now the Hero Splendor bike with Pretral can be converted into an electric bike. GoGo A1 launched this electric conversion kit for Hero Splendor in 2021.

The GoGo A1 Electric Conversion Kit comes for Rs 35,000. If you want to buy it with battery, then its price becomes 95 thousand rupees. It can be bought without battery for 35 thousand. For this electric kit, the company has claimed that it can give a range of up to 151 km in a single charge. To get this kit of GoGo A1 fitted in the bike, you have to go to the company’s workshop. This installation workshop has been set up in 36 RTOs across the country.

Talking about the features of the Gogo A1 electric kit, a 2 kW motor has been installed in it. It is fitted in the rear wheel hub. The motor can give the maximum power of 3.94 kW to the vehicle. Talking about its battery, it has a battery of 2.8 kWh. In addition, the kit gets a DC-DC converter, new accelerator wiring, a key switch with controller box and a new swingarm. The kit will only be available on Hero Splendor models after 1997.

The GoGo A1’s Electric Conversion Kit is a legally valid kit. This means that you can also take insurance for your motorbike. If you convert a motorcycle to an EV, you will have to re-register for the same with the local RTO. The registration number of your two-wheeler will remain the same but a green number plate will be given to you.

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