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Hero Splendor is made electric by this designer, will give a range of 240 km!

Hero Motocorp recently announced its plans to foray into the electric two-wheeler market. Although the company has not given information about which electric two-wheelers it is going to launch in India in the coming times, but an Indian automotive design has given this indication by preparing a render of the electric version of Hero Splendor. That’s what we can expect from it if Hero launches its most popular motorcycle in the electric room in the times to come.

Automotive designer Vinay Raj Somashekar renders (via) the Hero Splendor Electric motorcycle rushlane) Made it. They on LinkedIn He has also shared all the information about this design and its specifications. Vinay says that Hero Splendor is the best motorcycle in the country. Every element of it feels purposeful and the proportions are accurate.”

Vinay says that even Hero knows this, so the design of this motorcycle over many decades and many other elements have been kept the same till date. However, he believes that one day something new could happen and Splendor could become electric.

With this thought in mind, Vien worked on this design render and created an electric Splendor motorcycle. They didn’t ditch the Splendor’s traditional design, removing the engine and its surrounding components and fitting a battery pack in there. Made cosmetic changes around the headlamps and fitted alloy rims. In addition, they replaced the standard stainless steel grab rail with a single-piece plastic grab rail.

Photo Credit: LinkedIn (@Vinay Raj Somashekar)

He also gave information about its specifications. A fixed 4kWh battery pack and a 9kW electric motor have been fitted in the render of the Hero Splendor Electric motorcycle. It is designed with a belt drive system. Apart from this, there is also an extra storage space where a battery pack of 2kWh capacity can be fitted, increasing the range by up to 50% and this pack can be taken out of the motorcycle and charged anywhere.

Vinay estimates that this standard battery pack can give a single charge range of up to 120km. At the same time, if a battery pack of 6kWh capacity is installed in it, then the range can be 180km. Thus Vinay has showcased four different variants, which are designed with battery pack options of up to 8kWh capacity and a range of up to 240 kms.

While Hero MotoCorp hasn’t revealed its electric vehicle plans yet, this render from Vinay makes it clear that it could be possible in the future, whether officially or in the form of an aftermarket solution.


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