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Hero is about to launch ‘Maverick’, there is no competition in looks and power

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Maverick and X440 have the largest engines in the segment

The launch of Hero’s Maverick 400 is not far away. Hero MotoCorp is entering the premium motorcycle segment with this bike. Based on Harley Davidson X400, this bike faces strong competition.

Its direct competition is not only with Royal Enfield 350 and Classic 350, but also with Honda CB 350 and Jawa 350. It also has to compete with Harley Davidson X400 on the price front.

Will keep my looks forward

In terms of design, the looks of ‘Maverick’ are the most modern. After this comes the turn of Harley’s X400. The style of RE Hunter 350 is retro roadster. Honda, Jawa and RE Classic 350 are clearly retro bikes, which also have similar engines. Maverick has not yet hit the roads but one can be assured about its fit and finish as it is a Hero product. Jawa has improved itself in this matter since the launch of 350. RE has always kept itself high in quality.

engine very powerful

The Maverick and X440 have the largest engines in the segment. Its 440 cc air-cooled engine produces 27 HP at 38 Nm torque. The Jawa 350 has the smallest engine at 334 cc but still produces 22 hp of power at 28 Nm of torque. The engines of Royal Enfield and Honda CB 350 have a power of only 20 HP and will be available with 5 speed gearbox.

No lack of modern features

These bikes, which run on air-cooled engines, have modern features. Almost all have a USB slot for mobile charging. Leaving aside Java, all will also have Bluetooth connectivity for turn-by-turn navigation. Harley has a 3.5 inch TFT display on the instrument cluster, LED lighting will be available around it in Maverick. ABS is standard in all bikes but Single Channel ABS variants will be available in Classic and Hunter 350.

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