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Hero Electric to launch Optima CX series 2 electric scooters with 140km range

Hero Electric, which occupies the No. 1 position in the country’s electric two wheeler segment, is soon going to upgrade its Optima CX. This claim has been made through a brochure leak. It is said that two electric scooters will be launched in the Optima CX series. One of these will be the Optima CX, while the other will be the CX ER. The big difference between them will be the battery pack. The Optima CX will be packed with a single battery unit, while the CX ER will be packed with a dual battery.

rushlane’s Report As per reports, the new series will be more powerful and performance focused than Hero’s HX series. The design may not see much change, but the Optima CX e-scooter could be 25 times more powerful than the previous model. The efficiency of the electric motor will also be 10% higher than before, which will lead to an improvement in top speed. According to the report, both the variants of Optima CX will be charged in 4 to 5 hours. Dual charger setup is said to be available with the CX ER model.

The price of these e-scooters from Optima CX may be slightly higher than that of Optima HX series. it
The ex showroom can cost anywhere between Rs.60,000 to Rs.70,000. Both the Optima CX series scooters will come in three color options – Blue, Gray and White.

The Optima CX that comes with a single battery pack is said to offer a range of 82 kms. At the same time, the CX ER e-scooter that comes with dual battery pack gives a range of 140 km on a single charge.

Customers will get features like cruise control, walk assist, reverse mode, digital instrument cluster, USB charging port, LED headlamp and anti-theft alarm with remote key in the Optima CX. The e-scooter is fitted with 12-inch wheels with a ground clearance of 140mm.

The Optima CX weighs in at 82kg, while the CX ER weighs in at 93kg. The reason for the extra weight is the dual battery setup given in the CX ER. When will these Optima CX series e-scooters be available? No information yet. Hope to get more updates on this soon.

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