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Hero Electric scooter sales up 149%: Okinawa, Ampere, TVS beat Ola to become number-2

Recently, the incidents of fire in electric scooters of some brands including Ola have raised the concern of the people, but the electric vehicle market of the country is growing rapidly. Recently, we told you that this segment has seen a growth of 480 percent in the financial year 2022. Now FADA has released the retail sales numbers of Electric Two Wheelers. The data shows that sales of electric two wheelers grew by 370 per cent year-on-year in March 2022. You can also understand this in such a way that 10,558 electric two wheelers were sold in the month of March last year, which increased to 49,607 units in March 2022. Similarly, 32,455 electric two wheelers were sold in the month of February and it was 53 percent more than in February last year.

Talking about the country’s top electric two wheelers, Ola has surprised the most. This brand was on the sixth position in the figures for the financial year 2022 and as of March 2022 statistics In this it has come at number two. Data from Federation of Automobile Dealers Association (FADA) shows that Hero Electric sold 13,023 units last month. The company had sold 5,235 units in March last year. In this way, it has seen a cell growth of about 149 percent. The company sold 7,360 units in February this year. In this way, its cell growth has increased at a monthly rate of 77 percent in March.

Ola has made a tremendous leap. The brand has surpassed Okinawa and Ampere, which were in second and third positions. The company sold 9,127 units of two wheelers last month. In February, Ola sold 3,907 units. In this way his monthly cell growth has been 134 percent.

Okinawa Autotech is the third largest two wheeler brand with sales of 8,284 units in March 2022. It had sold 1,530 units in March last year. In this way, the company has registered a growth of 441 percent in one year. The company sold 5,925 two wheelers in February this year with a monthly growth of 40 per cent.

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Ampere sold 6,338 units in the month of March and is at number four. The company has registered a sales growth of 574 percent as compared to last year. The sales of TVS Motor, Ather and PUR Energy have also seen growth. Bajaj Auto has also reported annual sales growth of 466 percent. The company sold 827 units in March as against 146 units in March last year.



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