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Hero Electric and Okinawa electric scooters see bumper sales, see February two-wheeler sales report

New Delhi: Hero Electric And Okinawa Electric Scooter Sale: Sales of electric scooters in India are gaining momentum with the passage of time and in the electric two-wheeler segment, indigenous companies like Hero Electric and Okinawa are making a splash. Last month, i.e. February 2022 Electric Two-Wheeler Sales Report, Hero Electric stood at number 1 and Okinawa Autotech at number two. After this, other companies including Ampere, Ola Electric, Ather Energy, Pure Energy and TVS-Bajaj sold decent electric scooters. If you also want to buy one of the best selling scooters or motorcycles these days, then check out the top 10 electric two-wheeler companies along with their February 2022 sales report.

Hero Electric continues to shine
If we look at the February 2022 sales report of electric two-wheelers, Hero Electric Company sold a total of 7357 electric scooters last month. Hero Electric sells good scooters in different price ranges in India. After this, the Okinawa company sold 5,923 electric two-wheelers, registering an annual growth of 455 percent. Ampere Vehicles Company sold a total of 4304 electric two-wheelers in February 2022, registering a tremendous annual growth. Ola Electric has shown rapid delivery of its scooters and has delivered a total of 3905 units in February 2022. It is followed by Ather Energy, which sold a total of 2230 electric scooters.

Revolt’s Electric Motorcycle
Pure Energy is ranked sixth in the list of best selling electric two-wheeler companies in India and sold a total of 1427 electric scooters in February 2022. After this TVS Motor Company has sold a total of 1480 electric scooters. It is followed by Bajaj Auto, which has sold a total of 1314 electric scooters. Being India Energy has sold a total of 1149 electric two-wheelers. After this, Revolt Intellicorp has sold a total of 1128 electric motorcycles. This is followed by other companies that have sold a significant number of electric two-wheelers in India. If you too want to buy electric two-wheelers, then this news can help you a lot.

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