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Here’s How To Reset Network Settings On Android And iOS


There may be some instances when you are browsing on your smartphone and suddenly you see a Wi-Fi error. Or it could also happen that when you are trying to pair it with the speaker or your headphones and your bluetooth is not working.

All you need to do is reset your network settings to fix some minor errors that occur while connecting or pairing. Here’s how you can reset your phone’s network settings, whether it’s an Android or an iOS device. Let’s know.

reset network settings on android

On Android, the process will be slightly different for all devices. But if you follow the steps for Pixel or Samsung devices, you can easily set up network settings on your Android phone, no matter the brand. Let’s take a look.

Here's How To Reset Network Settings On Android And iOS



1 – First of all open Settings on your Samsung phone.

2 – Tap on General Management.

3 – Tap on Rest.

4 – After all, tap on Reset Network Settings.


1 – First of all open Settings on your Google Pixel phone.

2 – Tap on System, which is at the bottom.

3 – Tap on Reset option.

4 – Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile and Bluetooth.

5 – Last, tap on Reset Settings.

How to Reset Network Settings on iPhone or iPad

1 – Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad.

2 – Scroll down until you find General, once you do, tap on it.

3 – After opening the General tab, scroll down and look for Transfer or Reset iPhone, tap on it.

4 – Now, tap on Rest.

5 – Last, click on Rest network settings and verify by entering your iPhone or iPad’s passcode.

6 – Once you enter and confirm the passcode, your iPhone’s network settings will be reset.

This is how easily you can reset network settings on your Android and iOS devices. Note that once you do the reset, all your saved data will be gone. After which you have to configure everything as new.

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