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Here’s how 5G and 4G work together and save battery life on iPhone

apple Apple has enabled 5G on iPhone models with its recent iOS 16 developer beta update. Those enrolled in the developer beta program who received the iOS 16.2 update can now download their iPhone But you can use 5G.

How to Save iPhone Battery Using 5G Network

Many users in the beta program are enjoying fast 5G connectivity, however, they are also experiencing poor battery life. This comes as no surprise as iOS 16 is draining a lot of battery across all iPhone models.

A feature has been found on Apple’s iPhone that allows the user to use 5G while saving some battery. However, this facility may not offer 5G all the time. It has an automatic networking option called ‘5G Auto’ that switches between 5G and 4G depending on the signal they receive.

For example, if the 5G signal is weak in your area, the iPhone will automatically switch to a 4G network. Afterward, your iPhone will switch back to 5G if you’re in an area with better 5G coverage.

iPhone Battery: How to save iPhone battery while using 5G network


Keeping 5G on drains the battery a lot as it’s constantly looking for a 5G signal, even when the week is single in some areas. At the same time, while using the ‘5G Auto’ feature, it may not look for the 5G bar all the time. It will only enable 5G when there is a good signal and switch back to 4G when there is poor 5G connectivity.

Here we show you how you can enable the ‘5G Auto’ feature and save some battery life. Let’s know.

1 – First of all open Settings on your iPhone.

2 – Now tap on Mobile Data.

3 – Tap on the Mobile data option.

4 – Go to the Voice & Data tab.

5 – Once you are in the Voice & Data tab, you will see several options like 5G On, 5G Auto, LTE or 4G and 3G (depending on the region). According to Apple, tapping on the 5G Auto option is a smart data mode.

Apple says, when 5G speeds don’t provide a better experience, your iPhone automatically switches to LTE, which saves battery.

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