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Here is the way to know and claim the unclaimed amount deposited in LIC, get information about your work

LIC Unclaimed Amount: There are some people who have taken the policy of Life Insurance Corporation of India but due to some reason they are not able to take its claim on time. For such people, here are the ways how they can claim their unclaimed amount from LIC.

How to Check Your Unclaimed Amount on LIC
LIC gives this facility to its customers that they can check the details of pending claims or pending dues on LIC by visiting its website. For this, the customers or nominee will have to visit the official website of LIC at On LIC’s website, if you fill the information of policy number, policyholder name, date of birth (date of birth) and PAN card number in the specified places, then you get the facility to check outstanding claims and outstanding amount.

how to check balance
For this, go to the home page of LIC’s website.
Look for the link at the bottom of the page.
If you have trouble finding this link
You can also click on the link.
Now check by filling your details.

Will have to contact with LIC
If you also get some amount in your LIC policy after checking in the above mentioned way, then you can contact the LIC office. There you have to apply for your pending amount. The process of payment of the unclaimed amount is started by the LI after completing KYC etc. LIC does not release the pending amount without KYC as it is necessary to avoid fraud.

to bear in mind
However, when you go to the LIC website to find out about the unclaimed amount, it is optional to provide the policy number and PAN card number and you can also find out the pending amount by giving the policyholder’s name and date of birth.

LIC had given information in March
In the IPO document submitted by LIC to the Securities and Exchange Board of India (SEBI), the regulator of the stock market, it was informed that LIC has deposits of Rs 21,539 crore in unclaimed funds and this amount includes interest. It was told by LIC that the unclaimed fund was Rs 18,495 crore as of March 2021 and Rs 16,052.65 crore at the end of March 2020. Whereas at the end of March, 2019, this amount was Rs 13,843.70 crore.

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