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Hello … no noise! If this is an issue for you during the calling, then follow these simple tricks

New Delhi: Smartphone use is now commonplace. Similarly, problems with ambiguous voice during voice calls have also become common in smartphones or feature phones. If you are also suffering from this type of problem, today we are going to tell you in detail about both the cause and how to get rid of it. There are a number of reasons why voice calls may or may not sound clear. See details. You can reset your phone’s network settings if the network often does not make the sound clear.

How to reset network settings?

If you are a smartphone user, you can manually select the operator by going to Settings. Additionally, you can change the network type in the call settings. Putting the network type on auto is a great option.

Also useful to restart the phone:

Whether it’s a smartphone or a feature phone, you can restart it to fix network problems. In the smartphone you get the option to restart, but in the feature phone you have to turn off the phone and restart it. That way, you can eliminate network issues.

Check voice:

Sometimes your phone sounds low. You can check this by placing it on the phone speaker during a voice call. You can also adjust it with the volume buttons. If this trick also fails to solve your problem, your phone may have network issues or some other problem.

Check receiver:

Due to the accumulation of dust in the receiver of the phone, the sound does not come properly even after making many calls. You can easily fix it at home. For this you will need a soft brush or cotton. With its help you can clean the receiver and phone speaker of the phone. Also, sometimes phone covers or screen protectors can cause this problem. You can also try to remove the call. If you can’t fix your phone with all these options, then you have to go to any service center or any mobile repair shop. You can also contact your operator if you have network issues.

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