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Hellgate: Redemption, a sequel to the cult Hellgate: London, has been announced

In the latter half of the 2000s, numerous iconic games made their debut. Among them was Hellgate: London, which, 17 years later, is set to receive a sequel: Hellgate: Redemption has been announced.

Bill Roper, the developer behind Hellgate: London, has revealed Hellgate: Redemption, currently in development under his own studio, Lunacy Games. This AAA title will once again immerse players in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by demons. To bring this vision to life, Roper had to secure a license for the Hellgate franchise. However, details regarding the expected release date remain elusive, with a launch unlikely to occur in the near future.

“By leveraging Unreal Engine 5, cloud game servers, and as many pre-built solutions as possible, along with valuable co-development partnerships, we are channeling every dollar into gameplay and innovation,” said Bill Roper. “While retaining the core gameplay and story elements of Hellgate: London, our aim is to deliver an exhilarating new experience that capitalizes on the numerous advancements witnessed in the gaming industry over the past 17 years since the original game’s release.”

It’s worth recalling that the original Hellgate: London, developed by Blizzard veterans, debuted in 2007, pioneering several modern gaming trends. It was among the first in the looter shooter genre, featuring procedurally generated locations and even a battle pass system, granting access to new content and equipment for its holders. Despite its initial commercial setbacks, gamers still fondly remember it for its unique universe and concept.


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