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Healthwise: Employees were resigning, the company’s 4 day working policy did wonders

Healthwise 4 day working: Its employees work hard day and night to make any company big. But if the same employees suddenly start resigning, then a lot of trouble arises for the company. In the year 2021, something similar happened in the UK health company Healthwise. Several employees of the company resigned at once. After this, the company tried some such method, after which the company benefited a lot as well as the employees also remained in the company.

Company started 4 days week off

According to media reports, in view of the large number of people who resigned from Healthwise, the company implemented a four-day work week. After this, this policy of the company did such an amazing thing which the management did not even expect. This move of the company worked like a use case. 

Very happy company employees

Employees are quite happy after the company implemented 4-day work week. The employees who were leaving the company again stayed in the company. Along with this, the customers of the company are also very satisfied and the revenue of the company has also increased. In this way, the company has got triple benefit from the new policy. According to reports, the Idaho-based HealthWise company contacted labor economist Juliet Schor. After contacting him, in August last year, the company implemented a 4-day work week. It was initially implemented on a trial basis.

reduce employee stress

During a conference, Juliet Schor told that the best results of this policy came. The employees of the company became very happy. He told that the life of the employees got better. This reduced the stress of the employees to a great extent. His respect for the job increased a lot and he started participating more in outside activities as well.

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