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Health Insurance: Health insurance claim will not be rejected, learn how to avoid this danger

Health Insurance claim: After the influx of Corona epidemic, awareness about health insurance has increased among the people. There has been an increase in the purchase of health insurance in the country and the world. However, in the recent several years, insurance companies have rejected a lot of claims, raising concerns about whether the benefits of a health insurance policy will not be available even after taking it. But you need not worry because here we will tell how you can avoid the risk of health insurance claim being rejected.

Do not hide co-morbidities
Even in insurance, if a person hides important facts, especially co-morbidities, then he has to face many problems in getting the claim. Due to co-morbidities, the effect of corona becomes very fatal. Therefore, companies decide in advance whether the persons insured have co-morbidities or not. Companies rely on the details filled in the form by the policyholder. If this trust is broken, then many problems can come at the time of claim.

What is pre-existing diseases (PED) and why it is important to give information about them
Insurance regulator IRDAI has defined pre-existing diseases or pre-existing diseases as follows. According to this, 48 ​​months before the time of taking insurance, if a person has suffered any kind of illness or accident in which he has been treated by a doctor or is undergoing treatment or needs the advice of a doctor, then such a situation is called pre- will be considered as existing diseases. Usually, such a disease can be covered only if it is vetted for four years. Each policy has different terms and conditions.

How to remove the risk of claim cancellation
Spending on health check-up can be doubly beneficial for you. Insurance experts say that if you buy insurance after getting a health checkup, then due to some diseases, its premium definitely becomes a bit expensive. But getting a claim in such a policy also becomes easier. Along with this, the cover of related diseases is also easily available, which saves your pocket from being light.

Most of the standard health policies have a waiting period of 30 to 90 days for any type of treatment, that is, only after this period, a claim can be received for any disease. Therefore, customers should know about the policy, which diseases are covered and which are not. Cases like AIDS, dental treatment, psychiatric anomaly, sex change surgery, cosmetic surgery, self harm injury are not covered under any standard health insurance policy.

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