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hazard! Do video calling with WhatsApp, so be careful, dangerous malware identified

New Delhi. WhatsApp has emerged as a major means of video calling. But video callers from WhatsApp should be careful. Actually, a critical security bug has been identified by WhatsApp. This security bug gets installed in the phone during video calling. When you make a video call from WhatsApp, this dangerous malware is allowed to remotely plant malware in the phone.

This security flaw is extremely dangerous
A very dangerous security flaw has been identified by the messaging app WhatsApp. Which is known as CVE-2022-36934. A high alert has been issued regarding this. This security flaw is rated 9 out of 10. Meaning it is very dangerous for the users.

Allows remotely dangerous code to be installed
According to The Verge, this dangerous bug helps attackers to install a code on the phone. This is known as integer overflow, which is a special craft that sends dangerous code to your phone through video calling. Remote code execution vulnerability is the key to installing malware, spyware and other malicious applications that give attack access to users’ phones.

Such malware was identified in the year 2019
This security flaw is similar to a bug in the year 2019, where the Israeli spyware maker NSO Group was accused of spying on around 1400 people on behalf of WhatsApp. This included journalists, human rights defenders and others. At that time, the attackers used to install spy software on the phone without making a call.

This security flaw will be removed from the new update
A similar security update has been released by WhatsApp this week, which gets installed on users’ phones during video calling. According to media reports, this type of security flaw will be fixed in the recently updated version of WhatsApp. Users do not need to do anything for this. Users can get updates automatically.

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