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Have you lost your phone, block PhonePe and Google Pay immediately, know how

as your primary method of payment UPI Your mobile phone contains all your personal information and loss of it can cause huge damage to your bank account. The apps, which support Unified Payment Interface (UPI), allow users to make digital payments directly from their bank accounts.

If you haven’t enabled some privacy settings, these apps are easily accessible to others if you lose your phone and directly transfer money from the user’s bank account to the payee’s bank account.
If you haven’t turned on the privacy setting and in such a situation, your phone is stolen, then there is a possibility that the thief can vacate your linked bank account. You also have the option to block these apps once the phone is lost. So today we are going to tell you how you can keep your bank account safe by blocking phone pe, Google Pay.

Our Block PhonePe To do this, follow these steps:

Step 1. PhonePe users can dial 08068727374 or 02268727374.
Step 2. When asked to report a problem with your PhonePe account, press the required number.
Step 3. An OTP will be sent to your number for confirmation.
Step 4. “I have not received an OTP.” Select the entry for
Step 5. Select the option to report lost SIM or device.
Step 6. After this the customer support team asks you some information and then the company helps you to block your phone pe account.

Have lost your phone, block PhonePe and Google Pay immediately

To block your Google Pay, follow these steps:

Step 1. Google Pay users can dial 18004190157 to access customer care.
Step 2. A customer service representative will further assist you in blocking your Google Pay account.
Step 3. Alternatively, if you use an Android device, you can remotely wipe your data to prevent anyone from accessing the Google Pay app and your Google Account from the phone.
Step 4. This can be accomplished by iOS users by remotely erasing their data.

In these ways, you can keep your bank account safe by blocking Phone Pe, Google Pay account.

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