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Have to use old smartphone even if you don’t want to, so make it as fast as new


  • Old smartphone will be like new
  • Its process is very easy
  • All your work will be done in minutes

New Delhi. If you are planning to buy a new smartphone but now you have to run with a few months old smartphone, then you can give it a new feel. Yes, if you want, you can make your old smartphone as fast as a brand new smartphone and you do not even need to spend money for this. You just have to follow some steps, after which your old smartphone will start running as fast and you can do all your work without any effort, that too for months. So let’s know what is its process.

Update All Apps

A lot of people don’t update their smartphone apps for months to months. They feel that by doing this the space of the smartphone will be reduced, which is also true to a great extent, but if you do not do this, then the speed of the smart phone automatically slows down and you have to work hard to run it. In such a situation, you should keep updating the apps of your smartphone in one to two weeks.

System update is also necessary

Many times your system is not updated with normal data, in such a situation update the system using WiFi because if you keep avoiding it then the smart phone will start hanging and its speed will reach its minimum level. After this, you can download any air cleaner, yet its speed cannot be increased.

clear the cash

If you are not clearing the daily cache on your smartphone for a long time, then never make this mistake because this is a very big reason behind the low speed of the smartphone, which people do not pay attention to. If you keep on deleting the smart phone cache from time to time then it will not collect and the speed of your smartphone will not decrease.

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