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Have a look: 6 computer hacks learned in 5 minutes

In today’s era, computer as if it has become a need of every home. As the size of the computer needs is increasing, the computers are becoming more powerful with the latest operating software updates and configurations.

Talking about computer hacks, there are many new and old computer tricks and hacks which can easily increase your computer knowledge.

That’s why today we have prepared a list of 6 computer hacks which will help you to increase your computer knowledge.

prevent overheating

The computer is designed in such a way that dust and soil can be prevented from entering the computer as it is commonly seen when dust enters inside the computer. It starts heating up and the computer stops working efficiently.

So, if you have any cracks in your computer body, it needs to be ensured that the computer is turned off before it is too late and if possible get it cleaned from inside once a year by a professional. Take it

How to increase computer life and performance

If your computer hangs a lot or it takes too long for you to open a program, it may be behind a cluttered desktop. If your Windows or Apple Mac desktop has too many icons, it can slow it down.

Learn 6 computer hacks in 5 minutes

So it is always better to delete them and clean the desktop. If possible, keep the most frequently used or important programs in the taskbar.
You can also remove unused tools and other software that are no longer needed as it not only extends the life of your computer but also improves the performance of your computer.

do reverse image search

If you want to know the source of the Google image, then you can do a reverse search, which will give you the location, website, time and much more information about the photo. This is best for those who want to find out whether someone is using their copyrighted image or not.

If you have a modern browser installed on your computer, then you can do reverse image search on any browser, no matter which browser you use because it completely depends on Google to get all the data related to the image. Saves it in one go.

Learn 6 computer hacks in 5 minutes

use shortcuts

There are over 200 shortcuts that you can learn in a matter of minutes to work more efficiently and save time while working on other things. These shortcuts are a great way to get your work done quickly and easily.

Learn 6 computer hacks in 5 minutes

As :

Ctrl + T: A new tab will open.
Ctrl + N: New window will open.
Ctrl + I: We will be able to see our favorites.
Ctrl + P: Print the current page.
Ctrl + H: You can see the history of your web browser.

Can use two monitors in one PC

Although not all Windows computers support dual-monitors, all Mac laptops support dual-screen connectivity. If you prefer to work on different websites on more than one program or browser, obviously not in the same tab then this option is best for you.

To add a second screen to your computer, you must first check whether your computer has two ports available (HDMI or VGA output), usually you will find these ports on the back of a Windows computer. Laptop) and if it has a video output port it means you can connect the second screen without any trouble.

Now, you just need to make sure that the HDMI cable or VGA cable is properly connected and the second monitor is on. After that switch on your computer and then go to display settings and select dual-display option.

Check connected Wi-Fi password

Have you saved your Wi-Fi password but can’t remember it then no worries because you can easily find out the set password if your Windows computer is still connected to it. Simply open Control Panel and then click on “Network Sharing Center” followed by “Wi-Fi Connection”.

Learn 6 computer hacks in 5 minutes

There you will see the option of Wireless Properties at the top and now just click on the Security tab which will show you the password. Lastly, all you have to do is tick the checkbox under the Network Security tab box that will show the password.


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