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Haste while shopping on Amazon-Flipkart – Don’t ignore these things in a hurry, it will cause damage

New Delhi: Online Shopping Tips: The festive season is about to start in the country and it has already started from August. All the preparations for Rakshabandhan and Independence Day have started. Online shopping sites like Amazon Flipkart are also now fully geared up. Flipkart Big Saving Days and Amazon Great Freedom Festival have already started. In the coming months, many other types of sales will be hosted on these shopping sites. In which you will get many offers, discounts, coupons, cashback and free gifts. Many people think of buying new products in this sale. But, it is very important to keep some things in mind before shopping online. Otherwise great damage may occur.

Understand the offer:

As soon as they open the home page of a shopping site, reading lines like up to 80 percent discount or cashback of up to Rs. 15,000, people get excited and try to buy those items as soon as possible. But not paying attention to ‘UP To’ here can lead to huge losses. During such shopping on Amazon or Flipkart, it is important to understand the offers available on any product before placing it in the ‘cart’.

Know the terms and conditions:

People start shopping after seeing a big discount or huge cashback. But, they ignore the ‘terms and conditions’ required for benefits. The consequences of which they have to bear later. For example, if you are getting 20 percent cashback on Amazon UPI payments, there is also a condition of not submitting the UPI ID manually. Similarly in exchange offer old phone for Rs 8,000. But, the condition is that the phone should not have a dent and if it does not get Rs 8,000. There are many terms and conditions issued in online shopping, which must be read carefully before making a purchase.

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Full Details of Discounts:

One of the most attractive things in online sales is the discount. But, many people do not even check the actual price of the product while purchasing. Perhaps the actual price of that product may already be lower. So, it is important to check the actual price of that product on other websites and market platforms as well.

The seller must be identified

Check who the seller is before buying other items in the sale. It will be better if you read some reviews and feedback for that seller.

Be extra careful while making payments:

While shopping online, it is very important to remember that the payment you make is completely safe. Keep bank card, UPI ID and wallet etc. completely safe and do not share your personal details.


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