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Has your PAN card been misused, check its history to avoid fraud

PAN Card History: The utility of PAN Card and Aadhaar Card in India has increased very fast. PAN card is an important financial document which is used nowadays for all financial work. Being an important financial document, it is very important to keep this document confidential. Many times people do not take care of PAN card properly and due to this PAN gets misused. In such a situation, it is necessary to take special care of your PAN card.

The Income Tax Department keeps advising all its PAN card holders to keep checking their PAN card history from time to time. With this, they get to know at which places their PAN card has been used. If a person wants to check the history of his PAN card, then we are telling him the easy process-

Check PAN card history online like this-

    1. You can check the online process of old transactions of PAN card.
    1. For this, you first click on the website of https://www.cibil.com/.
    1. Next click on Get Your Cibil Score.
    1. Before checking the CIBIL score further, you have to make the payment by selecting the subscription plan here.
    1. Next you have to fill all the details like your mobile number, email id.
    1. Then after generating the login ID and password, ‘Income Tax ID’ has to be selected.
    1. Next fill your PAN number and click on the option of Verify Your Identity.
    1. After this you will be asked some questions and after that you will know what is your CIBIL score.
    1. Along with this, you will see in the PAN card history that how many loans have you taken using your PAN card.
    1. If there is any loan that you have not taken, you can track it from the history of the PAN card.

Register your complaint on PAN card misuse

If on checking the history of your PAN card, you see any kind of wrong transaction which you have not done, then you can immediately complain about it to the Income Tax Department. To register your complaint, click on its official website https://incometax.intelenetglobal.com/pan/pan.asp. Here you fill all your details. After this register your complaint. After this, submit all the details of this complaint. After this your complaint will be registered and action will be taken on it.

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