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Has anyone else taken a loan using your PAN card? All the information will be obtained through this simple process

New Delhi: PAN card This is one of the important documents. Along with the identity card, it is also useful for financial transactions. However, what if someone else is using your PAN card for the wrong purpose? Something similar happened with actor Rajkumar Rao. He informed that someone had taken personal loan with the help of FinTech app using his PAN card. Rajkumar Rao informed that he has taken a loan of Rs. 2,500 using his PAN card. Because of this CIBIL scoreHas been affected. A few days ago Sunny Leone Had made a similar complaint.

The incidence of online fraud has been steadily rising in the last few months. Cybercriminals are deceiving people by stealing private information. In such cases, cyber criminals take loans with the help of PAN card loan fraud. So if you also have a PAN card, you need to be careful. Otherwise you may lose money. Other strangers are yours PAN Card Isn’t it? You can know this. Let us know the process of this.

Check CIBIL score

The easiest way to check if your PAN card is being misused is to check your CIBIL score. You can check the score through online platforms CIBIL, Equifax, Experian and CRIF High Mark. Checking the CIBIL score will tell you if anyone has taken a loan in your name.

Paytm Help from above

You can also use the FinTech platform. Platforms like Paytm and Policy Bazaar will let you know if you have taken a loan on your PAN card. On these platforms you have the option to check financial reports. From here you can easily get CIBIL score and loan information.

Check Form 26A

The third method is to check Form 26A. That is, you can check if anyone has taken a loan on your PAN Card through Form 26A. This is an annual tax statement, issued by the Income Tax Department. It contains your income tax return record and information on other financial transactions made through PAN card. This way you can find out if anyone has taken a loan on your PAN card.

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