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Has anyone asked you this question on WhatsApp? Millions can be hurt if given answer


  • New scam of whatsapp
  • New method of scam exposed
  • Hackers stealing people’s money

New Delhi. WhatsApp is a platform where users can do many things. Many things like voice calling, video calling, messaging, payment can be done with this. WhatsApp is used by more than a quarter of the world’s population. Some people use this platform to make messages viral and also to deceive people.

WABetaInfo has revealed one of the ways scammers often deceive people and steal their money. Hackers usually buy a VoIP number. It is a technology that allows users to make phone calls over the Internet. Due to the rules, it is not allowed to be used on WhatsApp. But it can be used for many other purposes including contacting a specific or group of people.

Hackers send messages to people They send a message, “Excuse me, who are you?” “I found you on my to-do list.” Hackers constantly talk to the users well and win their trust. They then start asking users some basic questions, such as their name, profession, and age, and then congratulate you on helping you feel better. The hackers then urge users to add them to their social media accounts such as Instagram or Facebook.

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The scammers then try to access their personal information like friends list or other facts on Facebook and Instagram to steal your money. Then they threaten and blackmail some private photos of users’ friends and family. These photos are also photoshopped by hackers. But if you happen to be in such a situation then you should not give money to hackers.

Stay safe like this:
Do not click on the link given in any suspicious message. Apart from this, if someone is becoming your well-wisher whom you do not know, do not give any kind of reply when his message comes.


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