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Hardcore beatmap Sifu turned into The Matrix

IGN journalists reproduced in Sifu a scene from the second part of The Matrix, where Neo fought dozens of Smith agents alone. To do this, it was enough just to install three custom modifications.

The game was not subjected to any serious modifications: it was enough to replace the skins of the hero and enemies, as well as install a spawner, which made it possible to place many opponents in one scene. The second level of the hardcore bitmap was chosen as the arena – the club. Perhaps, one thing was missing for complete immersion: it was worth replacing the soundtrack playing in the background with some recognizable composition from The Matrix.

Recall that Sifu is convenient for modifications: in-game models turned out to be easily replaceable. Thus, soon after the release , John Wick, Scorpio, Chun Li and even Shaggy appeared in the bitmap .

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