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Happiness or sadness! Apple may bring the first portless iPhone; How will it work without buttons and ports, know here

New Delhi. First Portless iPhone, There are many rumors about the iPhone 14. According to a latest leak, the iPhone can launch a portless phone. Lightning connector will not be given in it. If this happens then it would not be wrong to say that Apple will make its new phone completely wireless. By the way, Apple has been developing the technology to make a portless iPhone for many years. It is part of the vision that the company calls the perfect iPhone. It will not have a notch and will not have any ports or buttons.

Is the iPhone 14 Portless?
The main advantage of a portless iPhone is that the company seals the handset completely. In such a situation, it would not be wrong to say that the iPhone will not be water resistant but will be completely waterproof. But portless iPhones still have to provide two of the three services connected to the Lightning port. A new report states that the Apple company will provide faster data transfer speed than the iPhone 14 Pro model Lightning. Plus Apple will keep the port until it is ready to move to portless phones.

Data transfer is something that the Lightning port handles. It also lets you use wired earphones with the iPhone. But the most important Lightning feature is battery charging. It is also being said that Apple wants to use the MagSafe connector to transfer data on a portless iPhone. LeaksApplePro mentions the portless iPhone technology in a post detailing the alleged USB 3.0 Lightning speed of the iPhone 14 Pro.

The leaker says that Apple is planning to transfer data over MagSafe in the future. If this is done, the company will launch the first portless iPhone.

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