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Hair Cloning

The modern technology has relieved mankind in many areas of growing, aging & graying. The state of art technology has given ways & means to defy the ugliness, oldage, times space. The modern age people have all the cheer of becoming young for ever. Grey hair, wrinkles on face, squeezed skins & lot of abs were the symbol of old age even at a lesser age. But with the advent of befitting methodology, technology & cosmetics have changed the entire concept of oldness.

Now a person can entirely change his/ her persona to even a different level of his fancy, whims & fantasy. But still persist a burning problem of baldness, which is perhaps a present time agony till to-date. With the introduction of trichology & hair nourishment, the problem is bit lessened but not eradicated. But now, at least we can cheer-up as soon a befitting treatment for premature baldness is emerging through the most accurate method of cloning.

If it becomes success, the baldness will go to dustbin very soon. The scientists are almost on the verge of pioneering the treatment to clone hair suitably. Follicular cell implantation, works by replicating remaining hair strands, has already yielded very positive results in continuous clinical trails on human beings. If it works perfectly, it would help millions of people worldwide to regain a full head of hair out of their own original available hairs.

The technique infact has been hailed as a major breakthrough in hair restoration & has the potential to re-grow unlimited supply of hair for individuals who have lost hair due to some acute disease or simply due to onset of age or even in premature loss of hair. It can also increase the hair count. Let us pray, that this novel technology works positively to wipe out the trauma of millions of people who lost their hair in early age due to some unforeseen.

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