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Haier launches heavy-duty AC, cooling will be available in 10 seconds, cashback of Rs 8 thousand

Haier AC Price in India: With the arrival of summer, many people begin to consider purchasing an AC. If you’re in the market for a new AC, Haier has introduced its latest range. The company has launched a lineup of super heavy-duty ACs, claiming enhanced cooling performance with lower electricity consumption. Let’s delve into the details.

As summer unfolds, home appliance companies are expanding their product offerings, and Haier India is no exception. The company has introduced its new range of air conditioners in India, featuring super heavy-duty models equipped with Hexa inverter technology.

These ACs boast supersonic cooling technology, promising users a cooling experience that is 20 times faster. Moreover, they are touted to save up to 65 percent on electricity consumption, delivering more cooling efficiency at a reduced cost. Now, let’s explore their key features.

What makes them special? Haier’s new AC range features full DC inverter technology, branded as Hexa Inverter Technology, ensuring powerful performance and enhanced efficiency. The company emphasizes that these ACs are designed to excel in the Indian climate, providing superior cooling even in high temperatures.

With supersonic cooling capabilities, these ACs can start cooling within 10 seconds and effectively maintain cool temperatures even in environments with temperatures reaching up to 60 degrees Celsius. Additionally, the latest AC range boasts frost self-cleaning technology, long air flow up to 20 meters, 7-in-1 convertible features, and more.

How much do they cost? The price of the Haier Super Heavy-Duty AC starts at Rs 49,990 and will be available for sale at all major electronic stores. As part of the launch offer, the company is providing a comprehensive 5-year warranty, including gas charging valued at Rs 15,990, along with a cashback of Rs 8000.

Furthermore, the compressor of this AC comes with a 12-year warranty, and installation will be provided free of charge, a service that typically costs Rs 1500.


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