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Hackers use SIM swapping to gain control over smartphones, stay alert

New Delhi: SIM Swapping : Now the methods of hacking are also changing and hackers are becoming more active. With smartphones available to almost everyone these days, the dangers associated with phone hacking have also increased. Thus, hackers are using SIM swapping as a new way to steal user information. This is also known as SIM hijacking. It mainly works to steal user’s identity. Hackers swap your mobile number with a new SIM card and then this SIM is used for illegal activities.

How is sim swapping done?

SIM swapping involves someone calling you claiming to be from a mobile company. In this case people also claim that your SIM card is damaged and needs to be replaced. The hacker then talks the person into changing the SIM. In this, hackers can trap the user and gain control over the user’s SIM. For this, scammers activate the user’s number on any SIM.

The scammer will have control over the OTP:

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When hackers take control of your SIM, any call or message to that number goes to the hacker. This is called SIM Swap Fraud. If you get the OTP of any transaction, it also goes to the hacker and through this he can completely empty your bank account.

How to avoid SIM snapping?

If you want to avoid SIM swapping, you have to be very careful about phishing mails and other online activities. Do not click on any kind of emails and messages. It can steal your details. Also, if you get a call regarding SIM. Ignore it. Do not report such calls.

Do not reply to any type of phishing mail. Also don’t click on any link that appears on it. Additionally, keep every account password absolutely strong. Do not create weak passwords at all. Because, it is very easy for hackers to find it. On receiving such calls, you should immediately call your telecom operator and inform them.


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