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Hackers Stole RTX 30 Hash Rate Limiting Algorithm from NVIDIA

The South American hacker group LAPSU$ reported that at the end of February it was able to steal about 1 TB of data from NVIDIA. Including the algorithm that is responsible for limiting the hashrate in the GeForce RTX 30 series of video cards.


Hackers claim to have obtained a custom driver that can unlock the hash rate limiter built into RTX 30 graphics cards, thanks to an attack on NVIDIA servers in late February. In addition, LAPSU$ claims that in response, the company encrypted the machine used to steal data from the company – however, this is only one of the group’s virtual machines.

Thanks to the hack, screenshots appeared on the network with parts of the code, where the names of new NVIDIA architectures were discovered. Judging by them, the company named the new architecture Blackwell – in honor of the American mathematician David Blackwell. Future processors that will use this architecture may be named GB100 and GB102. The data also confirms that NVIDIA is working on a series of graphics cards Ada Lovelace, which is preparing for release in the second half of 2022.

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