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Hackers stole millions of dollars worth of NFT images and brought down the Bitcoin exchange rate

Marketplace OpenSea, specializing in the sale of NFT tokens, reported a major hacker attack. In just three hours, the attackers managed to “steal” 254 expensive goods. Soon this statement was reflected in the cryptocurrency market, pulling down the cost of large digital “coins”.


According to Forbes , citing representatives of OpenSea, 32 people became victims of hackers. At the same time, the site itself denies the fact of hacking, claiming that the theft of NFT tokens was carried out using phishing emails, and the victims themselves signed smart contracts proposed by the attackers. Judging by the site’s report, some of the stolen tokens were returned, and some of them the hackers managed to sell, gaining about $1.7 million.

Against the backdrop of rising information noise, the cost of Bitcoin fell to $38,014, and the Ethereum cryptocurrency fell in price to a minimum of $2,602. At the time of the release of the news, the rates of digital assets slightly increased: $39,131 for 1 BTC and $2,727 for 1 ETH. OpenSea continues to investigate the incident to determine exactly how the attack occurred.

“We are actively investigating rumors of an exploit related to OpenSea smart contracts. It appears to be a phishing attack coming from a third party resource. Do not click on links outside of,” the marketplace said in a statement .
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