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Hackers promoting crypto from former Pakistan PM Imran Khan’s Instagram account

The cases of hacking related to social media and crypto segment are increasing continuously. Hackers on Monday captured the Instagram account of former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan. Hackers have shared a tweet related to cryptocurrency from his Instagram account. Along with this, a link to a fake crypto account of Elon Musk, the head of electric car maker Tesla, has also been attached to his handle. Imran has around 74 lakh followers.

Imran hasn’t commented on this. Members and followers of his party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf have been advised to ignore any false post. The Pakistani Embassy in Serbia at the end of last year Twitter A message was posted from the handle regarding non-payment of salaries to government officials. However, Pakistan government officials claimed that the account was hacked. A few months ago, the Imran-led government in Pakistan was ousted by opposition parties through a no-confidence motion. Imran had accused it of being a foreign conspiracy. He had said that the opposition parties had toppled his government after the gesture from America.

Instagram Last year introduced a security check feature for Instagram accounts that have been previously hacked. The purpose of this feature is to make user accounts more secure. In this, information has been given to the users about keeping their accounts safe. In this, users whose accounts have been hacked earlier are asked for a security check on login. Apart from this, Instagram also offers some other methods to keep users’ accounts secure. One of these is two-factor authentication. Instagram users in some countries can secure Instagram accounts using their WhatsApp accounts.

Users can also activate two-factor authentication using their phone number. Authentication apps like Google Authenticator or Duo Mobile can also be used to activate it. Detailed information about this has been given on Instagram’s support page.

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