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Hackers began to rob each other

According to experts of the payment system, such attacks are becoming more and more, but they were joined by attempts to hack sites already infected with hacker spies. At the same time, some hackers scan infected resources with new software and steal cardholder data and other sensitive information from other attackers. That is, wars for user data began between cybercriminals.

Also attacks were recorded using software shells. With their help, hackers install malicious code to steal information. A total of 45 such attacks were recorded.

This mainly applies to foreign online stores and other platforms. One of the most common methods of stealing data is saving it as a jpeg image posted on the victim’s own resource. This tactic allowed attackers to obtain stolen data, disguising it as an image request.

“Attacks on vulnerabilities of popular e-commerce platforms continued from 2020 to 2021, but with some changes. For example, in one of the cases, the attackers purposefully scanned sites that had already been infected with skimmers and implemented their own script to steal data from the first attackers. Such cases clearly demonstrate the danger of using outdated software, ”- said analysts at Visa.

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