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Hackers began to lure Russians who do not want to get vaccinated with a fake QR code generator

Additional malware spoofs cryptocurrency wallet addresses and turns the victim’s computer into a mining tool that cybercriminals profit from.

The site with a fake QR code generator was evaluated by Doctor Web specialists. According to them, the resource was whipped up. Apparently, in order to collect as many downloads as possible and spread viruses to a large number of computers running Windows with the hype.

You must enter your full name and other data on the site. The victim downloads an executable file (EXE.), But after launching does not receive the generator, and a spy is automatically installed on the computer to steal personal information, passwords, bank card data, etc. This software is followed by two more programs: a clipper that replaces cryptocurrency wallets from target ones to those belonging to hackers, and the third program starts mining cryptocurrency, as a result of which the victim’s computer may fail due to overheating.

In addition, Doctor Web experts believe that infected computers themselves become distributors of miner viruses.

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