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Hackers began to infect Russian computers, hiding behind the topic of events in Ukraine

Specialists from Kaspersky Lab and Informzaschita spoke about the growth of cyberattacks, in which news has become the main weapon.
Users receive mailings about events in Ukraine and the economic situation. In them, attackers convince to install a file sent in a letter, which in fact turns out to be a backdoor – a program for remote control of a computer. And there are more and more such attacks.
According to Sergey Golovanov, chief expert at Kaspersky Lab, the scale of the current hacker attack is unprecedented.

In Informzaschita noted that there has not yet been a decrease in malicious activity. The attacks are aimed at both banks and government agencies, as well as ordinary users. Also, the company’s specialists said that the attacks are aimed not only at stealing personal data, but also at undermining the situation and sowing panic.

In turn, the director of special projects at Angara Security, Alexander Dvoryansky, said that employees are receiving letters with the following topics: “Schedule of work in the near future”, “Appeal from the company’s management in connection with the current situation”, “Reduction of the company’s staff”. As a rule, small and medium-sized businesses react quite sharply to such topics due to the strong influence of the economic situation, and the level of cybersecurity in such companies is low.

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