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Hackers also made Apple and Facebook an owl, such fraudulently took data of users

New Delhi. Hackers cheat thousands of people everyday. By adopting different methods, they steal money from someone’s bank account, then blew the personal information of a person from his social media account or phone. They always adopt new methods. If you think that they can cheat only common people or ordinary companies, then you are thinking wrong.

These hackers also fool the giant tech companies like Apple, Meta and Discord. Yes, you read it right. The same has happened in America. The hackers threw a similar trap in which the parent company of Apple and Facebook got trapped and themselves handed over the personal data of the users to the hackers. By the time the companies realized their mistake, it was too late.

owl made like this
According to a Bloomberg report, last year, hackers fooled Apple, Meta and Discord, which are included in the world’s largest companies, and got the data of users. The hackers posed as legal officers and sent ‘Emergency Data Requests’ to the companies. Apple, Meta and Discord accepted this request and gave the users’ data to the hackers. Companies came to know of their mistake when hackers started harassing the users.

took advantage of this
In the US, legal agencies have to give search warrants to companies seeking data of users from companies. Or else such an order needs to be signed by a judge. But, there the rule is that if there is an emergency of user data, then emergency data request can be sent to the companies and the companies are bound to provide the users data without search warrant or court order.

Hackers hid their identities and sent fake emergency data requests to social media and gaming companies. The hackers knew that there was no full proof way for the companies to check such fake requests and they act fast on such requests and give the data. The hackers used the police email system to make the request appear genuine. After the matter came to light, Apple and Meta have now taken necessary steps to not fall into the trap of such hackers.

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