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Hackers Alert: Caution! If you make ‘Ya’ errors on Google Chrome browser, the device will be hacked, see details


  • Redline Stealer malware activated
  • Malware steals login IDs and passwords
  • Antivirus has no effect on this

Currently Google Chrome It is the most used browser. Users often save services login IDs and passwords with Gmail to avoid having to log in to Google Chrome again. But did you know that doing so can be dangerous? According to a recent report, if you save your sensitive information in Google Chrome browser, it may be responsible for hacking.

According to a report by security expert company AhnLab, recently Redline Stealer Malware has been identified, which steals the login ID and password saved in Google Chrome. This malware allows hackers to control your personal and confidential details. They also cause incidents like banking fraud. In addition, they demand money in exchange for personal information.

Antivirus is not effective against malware:

According to a report by AhnLab, this malware came to the fore during the work from home and is very dangerous. The most surprising thing is that even antivirus has no effect on this malware. From this, the danger of malware can be estimated. Malware works by stealing logins and passwords by accessing the company’s VPN. In such cases, users are advised not to save their login ID password in Google Chrome. Antivirus has no effect on this malware.

Remember these things:

Do not save any passwords in Google Chrome browser. Keep changing passwords from time to time. Always use a secure and authoritative website. Don’t click on mail, messages or any unfamiliar links on WhatsApp. Don’t save important information, personal data and other important files without protection.

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