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Gun skin like Battlegrounds Mobile India’s M416 Glacier does not come easily in the hands of players

The M416 Glacier Gun Skin is one of the most popular gun skins in BGMI. It can be found in the Classic Crate section of the game. Players like this gun skin a lot due to many features. Being a popular gun skin, it’s not easy to get. However, there are other gun skins in the game as well, which, like the M416 Glacier, are more difficult to obtain. We have told about such gun skin in today’s article.

Other great gun skins like BGMI’s M416 Glacier

Snowcapped Berg SKS 

The first name in this list is of Snowcapped Berg SKS. This is the first upgradeable gun skin introduced in 2022. The popular YouTuber has spent thousands of UCs to get it. It can be upgraded to level 5. Its final form highlights a series of colors that are reminiscent of the hexcrystals introduced in the game when the Mirror World mode is available.

Codebreaker AKM

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Codebreaker AKM is a hard-to-find upgradeable gun skin. It was recently added to the game.  Players can get it by spending multiple UCs on Lucky Spin . The loot box that you get when you upgrade the weapon is the skin’s best feature as it depicts a jackal trying to catch a rabbit.

Reindeer Ghillie AKM

Another gun skin that’s hard to find in Battlegrounds Mobile India ( BGMI ) is the Reindeer Ghillie AKM. To get this too, players have to spend a lot of UCs. This gun skin is designed to look like the reindeer gilli outfit available in Spin.

PMGC 2021 Prestige Scar-L

Talking about the Grand Final of PMGC 2021, it will be from January 21 to January 23. Krafton introduced a Mythic gun skin PMGC 2021 Prestige Scar-L, which is available through the new premium crate. It has a distinct ‘on hit’ effect, which is quite popular among the players.


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