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GTA VI coming out in 2024? Take-Two may have implicitly pointed this out herself.

There are a lot of rumors about the timing of the release of the GTA VI game, there are forecasts and just attempts to guess. One of the new options is based on certain facts.

This week, Take-Two Interactive itself, which owns Rockstar, may have revealed the game’s release date. Of course, not directly. The company simply said that the company’s compound annual growth rate through 2024 would be 14%. Take-Two spoke about this as part of the promotion of a planned deal with Zynga.

Jefferies analyst believes that there are only a few games that can give the company’s management confidence in such positive forecasts. Therefore, at least one major Rockstar project should be released by fiscal year 2024, which for the company will last until March 31, 2024 calendar year.

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Among other things, 2024 as the launch date for GTA VI has already appeared in other rumors that allegedly leaked directly from the bowels of Rockstar. However, it is still too early to say anything with certainty.



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