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GTA 6: Famous rapper ’50 Cent’ gave a hint to fans about GTA, you can also see the post

The last game in the Grand Theft Auto series was GTA V, which was one of the biggest games ever. Now, fans are waiting for its next generation, whose name is yet to be announced but by the numbers it will be GTA VI. Almost a decade has passed since the release of GTA V and now gamers are getting impatient about it. Meanwhile, American rapper ’50 Cent’ has given a cryptic message on social media regarding GTA, after which people are speculating that the rapper will be involved in the game in one way or the other.

’50 Cent’ has shared a post on his social media channels, which has a poster of GTA Vice City, but from his caption, it seems that the rapper is talking about the upcoming GTA game. He has told the fans that he will soon share more information about this.

50 Cent wrote in his post, “I’ll explain it later, GLG GreenLightGang this is bigger than POWER trust me.”

While the post didn’t include any key details on the upcoming game, the rapper hinted that he would reveal more at a later date, suggesting that the rapper will be connected to the existing or upcoming GTA game in one way or the other. . Rumors have it that the GTA 6 game will be based on Vice City, which has further fueled speculation about a possible partnership between 50 Cent and Rockstar Games.

Be it Twitter or Instagram, many users have made various speculations in the comments on this post on social media. Some believe that GTA 6 will feature the rapper as a character, while others believe that 50 Cent’s partnership will be in the radio present in the game. One user even tried to link it with a new TV series and wrote that if it is a TV series related to GTA, it will explode as soon as it arrives.

In September last year, Rockstar Games suffered a massive leak when in-development gameplay footage from GTA 6 was leaked online. The leak consisted of over 90 videos, including two characters – Lucia and Jason.


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