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GST: The increased rates of GST will increase the budget of the house like this, so much will have to be spent every month

Home Budget After Revised GST: After levying 5% GST on food items and pre-packaged food items, now their prices will increase. All the products on which the GST rates have been hiked are items that are consumed on a daily basis. According to the existing data, it is estimated that the household budget is likely to increase by more than Rs 1000 every month.

Flour and rice will be so expensive
Now flour, rice and pulses will become expensive. For example, the price of 20 kg of flour will increase from Rs 630 to Rs 650, which was earlier Rs 600 per bag. Apart from this, the prices of refined flour will also increase. Similarly rice, which costs Rs 1300 to 1600 for a bag of 25 kg, will cost Rs 1400 to Rs 1800.

Rs 5-7 more will have to be paid for per kg of pulses
The price of pulses will be Rs 5 to 7 more per kg. Flour mill owners say that before GST the cost of a quintal was around Rs 2600, but now the retailer will have to spend Rs 2730.

Some food items have become so expensive compared to 2014
The effect of increase of 5 percent in the rate will be on every household according to the rate compared to March 2014. Flour which was priced at Rs 20 per kg is now priced at Rs 28, similarly the cost of 400 grams of curd is now Rs 40, while the price of desi ghee will reach around Rs 650 per kg, which is around Rs 350 per kg in 2014. per kg was Rs.

Apart from non-food items, these things will also be expensive
Not only food items, but from soaps and detergents to mustard and sunflower oil will also cost more.

The rate has been increased due to withdrawal of exemption for pre-packaged and pre-labeled food grains, fish, paneer, lassi, honey, jaggery, wheat flour, buttermilk, unfrozen meat/fish, and murmura (Muri). These will now attract 5 per cent tax at par with branded goods. Apart from this, hotel and hospital bills will increase. The newly revised rates have taken back the discount of up to Rs 1,000 per day for hotel stay. Now it will be taxed at 12 per cent. In such a situation, now the consumer will have to pay 120 rupees more on a hotel bill of 1000 rupees. On the other hand, non-ICU beds in hospitals, which are more than Rs 5000 per day, will be expensive.

Ink, knife, pencil price will also increase
The price of ink, knife, pencil will also increase. GST on printing, writing or drawing ink, knives with cutting blades, spoons, forks, paper knives, pencil sharpeners and LED lamps has been increased from 12 per cent to 18 per cent. Solar water heater will attract 18 per cent tax.

tetra pack will attract more tax
Beverages have also not escaped the increased tax. Tetra packs used for packaging of liquid drinks and dairy products will now attract 18 per cent GST instead of 12 per cent.

Agricultural products and some machinery will attract 18% GST
Talking about products and machines for agriculture, rate of machines used for agricultural purposes especially for seed cleaning, sorting and grading, machines used in cottage industries flour mills that use wind power and wet grinders But 18 per cent GST will be levied, which was only 6 per cent earlier.

Submersible pumps will be 6 percent more expensive
GST on cleaning eggs, sorting, fruit and milking machines and other equipment used in dairy machinery has been increased from 6 per cent to 18 per cent. Electric powered pumps like centrifugal pumps, deep tubewell turbine pumps, submersible pumps will be 6 percent more expensive.

Talking about financial services and works contracts, they include works contracts for roads, bridges, railways, metros etc., which will now attract 18 per cent tax. Apart from this, there will be an increase in GST on RBI, IDRA and SEBI services.

SEBI will also increase GST on services
Talking about the reduction in rates, the GST on transportation of goods and ropeways has been reduced from 18 percent to 5 percent. Trucks or goods vehicles that include fuel cost will have lower fares as the tax has been reduced from 18 per cent to 12 per cent. The GST on ostomy equipment and orthopedic equipment has been reduced from 12 per cent to 5 per cent.

GST review on casinos in progress
GST on casinos is being reviewed. The Group of Ministers had finalized a uniform 28 per cent GST on casinos, horse racing and lotteries. The decision has been reviewed, and the Group of Ministers has been given 15 days to review its decision.

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