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Greenland’s ice is melting 30 million tons every hour, what will happen to cities like Mumbai, Chennai?

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Global Warming: Global warming has worried scientists all over the world. The ice in Antarctica is continuously decreasing. Now it has been revealed that the ice sheet in Greenland is melting very fast. The ice present here is three times bigger in size than the Texas city of America. of ndtv Report According to , the speed of snow melting is 20 percent more than earlier estimates. That means 30 million tons of ice is disappearing every hour. This will have a direct impact on the sea level, due to which the rise will deepen the danger looming in coastal cities.

Study related to melting ice in Greenland Nature Journal Has been published in. Scientists knew that ice was melting in Greenland, but they had no idea that its rate would be so high. This study is worrying because melting ice will increase the sea level, which is not good news for the cities situated along the coast.

The lead author of the study is glaciologist Chad Green of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL). He says that almost every glacier in Greenland is slipping. He expressed concern that this was happening everywhere in Greenland. The Guardian report said that to reach their conclusions, scientists used AI methods and analyzed 38 years of data.

Scientists found that since 1985, the Greenland ice sheet has lost about 5,000 square kilometers at its edges, which is equivalent to one trillion tons of ice. Earlier it was said that since 2003, 221 billion tons of ice is being lost every year in Greenland, but now it has been found that it is melting 43 billion tons every year. These figures are really shocking.

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